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Here are 15 things only Starbucks addicts understand. " "If I haven't had my coffee, stay away from me." Worst. Whether it be giant gorilla or mutant zombie, there’s just something disconcerting about when a monster gets all hot and bothered over a human female.We wouldn’t want audiences to think our 30 story tall monster would actually want to consummate its feelings with the damsel in distress, would we? In this flick, the half human-half gorilla is horny beyond all reckoning, molesting woman after woman.If you’ve seen this film you can attest that this creature has one thing and only one thing on his mind – and that is getting laid.

I won’t lump King Kong into this tawdry mix; however, there have been a fair share of monstrous primates wanting to get busy with human ladies…

Just imagine if Shamu developed a pertinacious hard-on for its trainer – wouldn’t that be charming? These mutated sea creatures literally violate their women captives on camera, leaving nothing to speculation.

This Roger Corman flick took the template to the absolute limit, turning the monsters into unabashed sex fiends….

There’s nothing cute about a reptilian humanoid’s insatiable lust for our women.

Yet, it happens again and again in old movies: these hideous creatures could care less about their own kind; but when it comes to human ladies, their attraction knows no bounds.