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This is the "in progress" version of Artefacts©, Online Encyclopedia of Archaeological Small Finds.

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This page gives an overview of the literature that we have been able to collect on over some 600 Roman (and some Greek) aqueducts. siphon) -germain de montauzan1908 -grenier1960p118 -burdy1996,2006 -audin1983 -burnand1983 - bailhache1983 -jeancolas1983,1986 -FG1988p190 -desbat1992 -grewe1992b,1998 -hodge1992p428 -dumoulin1999 -burdy2000,2006 -wikander2000p65 -talbert2000 -litaudon2002 -borlenghi2003 -nikolic2008 -coquide2010 -maza2011 -desbat2011 Lyon - LUGDUNUM - La Brévenne (incl. Texier crouch2002b : Urban design amid flooding and sedimentation: the case of Ephesus (in: Proceedings of the 18th congress of the Intern.

We are pleased with any further additions to this literature list. siphon) -germain de montauzan1908 -burdy1993,2006 -talbert2000 -hodge1992p428 -FG1988p190 -wikander2000p50 -grenier1960p118 -grewe1998 -chanson2000a -jeancolas1983,1986 Lyon - LUGDUNUM - Craponne/Yzeron (incl.

Palau i Bages sanchez2010 : El Municipium Sexi Firmum Iulium y el agua, el acueducto y la produccion de salazones (in: L. Lagostena Barrios (ed) Aqvam-Perdvcendam-Cvravit (2010) pag 197 - 215) - E. (in Proceedings of the 10th conf of environmental Science and Technology, Greece (2007)) - H. Wech 2011 weingartner2007 : Water supply by qabats, a contribution to water shortage in Mediterranean area? Keenan-Jones korac2006 : Kartiranje Rimskog Akvedukta na Viminacijumu ... Mikic kurkcu2015 : General assessment concerning water systems and hydrography of Paselis (in Turkish: Phaselis su sistemieri ve hidrografisi ....) (in: Journal vol 1 (2015) pag 69 - 79) - M. Silva fiorillo2007 : The Serino spring discharge: analyses of an ultra-centenarian hydrological series, southern Italy (in: Journal of Hydrology vol 336-1/2 (2007) pag 125 - 138) - F. Esposito galanaki2006 : The management of water resources in Chersonissos, Crete, Greece, during the Roman period (in: 1st International Symposium on Water and Wastewater Technologies in ancient civilisations 2006 pag 265 - 270) - K. Hierapolis, Turkey (in: The Archaeology of Geological Catastrophes, geological Society special publications vol 171 (2000) pag 1-14) - P. Keenan-Jones keenan-jones2013 : Large-scale water management projects in Roman cental-southern Italy (in: W. Harris (ed) The ancient mediterranean environment between science and history - 2013) - D. Martinez Jimerez moralez Rodriguez2005: Analisis ... Verhage (ed) Proceedings EAA (2009) pag 47 - 53) - H. Rogge salowey1994 : Herakles and the waterworks: Mycenanaean dams, classical fountains, Roman aqueducts (in: Archaeology in the Peloponesse, new excavations and research - K. en el distrito minero romano de Oiasso (Gipuzkoa) (in: J.-B.