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"But if someone is looking off past you that can, in many ways, be less threatening and more approachable." For the ladies, while a smile isn't a turn-off, the results suggested she should look straight at the camera with a pouty-face smile.

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Weight: 138 lbs.; Alcohol units: too many to count; Calories: including or not including the alcohol? Age 32 and Bridget Jones’ life is headed straight for spinster-ville. Based on a Helen Fielding novel by the same name (which itself is loosely based on Jane Austen’s ), the story’s centerpiece is the choice Miss Jones must make between her charming-but-fickle boss, Daniel Cleaver, and her arrogant childhood pal Mark Darcy.She realizes that "unless something changes soon, [her] major relationship is going to be with a bottle of wine." Seizing New Year’s Day as an opportunity to start fresh, Bridget resolves to get her life under control. As in Austen’s original, the hero’s pride is leveled, the heroine’s prejudice turns out to be unfounded and the two come together to live happily. Bridget winds up with a good-hearted man, but there’s no clear indication that she’s learned that staying out of bed until marriage is the best way to avoid emotional meltdown in the first place.I happen to love the latter, so for years I bought weekend shares in single-parent beach houses.As with my "no students" rule, I never dated a fellow house member; when we played charades or had barbecues with people in the community, however, I did meet a few men I wound up dating back in the city.En español | Thousands of older Americans are eager to enter the dating scene but haven't figured out the best way to do it.Others, actively dating, long to expand their pool of possible partners.

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Amidst Bridget’s own romantic turmoil, she helplessly watches the temporary break-up of her parents’ marriage.

My friend Leslie met her future husband, Paul, when they sat next to each other on a plane to San Francisco. On a bench inside Philadelphia's Penn Station, waiting for his train to Washington, an acquaintance named Bob started talking with the woman beside him.

A fellow theater buff, he learned, she was headed for New York.

Next they discovered they were both avid readers and baby boomers who love '60s music.

Talking with her was so natural that Bob felt like his ship had come in.