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Perhaps this is why, when I asked about his recent tweet, Mc Millan told me, “I don’t care about comparing elite athletes to the general population, which we know is far from healthy.I care about getting coaches to realize that elite athletes aren’t machines; they are humans that need support far beyond the workouts we write for them.” Mc Millan’s sentiment is important because, despite the intensity with which elite athletes live their lives, when approached with sound training, nutrition, and emotional support, it seems that training and competing at that level can be quite healthy—much healthier, in fact, than the alternative.On the question of longevity and disease, the answer is clear: Elite athletes fare better than just about anyone.

Mc Millan says this dichotomy depends on the support elite athletes receive during their career and early retirement.Many professional athletes entertain us with their strength and competitive spirit.Then, there are those who inspire us with their ability to overcome adversity.Stuart Mc Millan, who coaches more than 20 Olympic medalists in track and field, recently tweeted, “Elite sport is not healthy; hopefully, this is not controversial.” Yet it is a controversial statement—an idea that’s been debated among athletes, coaches, and researchers for years.And it’s still a question worth asking: Does sustained elite performance damage one’s health?A Systematic Review of Mortality and Longevity in Elite Athletes,” examined more than 450,000 athletes and found that, on average, elites live four to eight years longer than age- and sex-matched controls in the general population.