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Sometimes she had problems sleeping at night, so she was probably checking out the late show, or watching a video. Padding up to her room, I could better hear the tv, which was turned down - she probably didn't want to wake me. Entering my Aunty's bedroom hesitantly, I saw her straining upwards, reaching for something on the top shelf of her closet. Auntyma's wanted you for so long..." She didn't resist when I pulled the soft grey sweatshirt up over her head, finally exposing her long-awaited breasts to me. They were big and full with dark areolas the size of half-dollars and erect nipples as big as the ends of my pinkies. Let Aunty take care of you." I moaned in anticipation and desire, and lay across her body, taking one of her breasts in hand, kneading it, and caressing it. Oh god Kashif, you're so good..." I just moaned and kept on sucking, taking her other nipple in my free hand and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger, delighting in feeling her body reacts to me.But as I reached her door, I recognized the sounds - the gasping soundtrack and grunts and moans of a porno movie. I think it's time that you saw them." "Aunty, I don't think I should..." I stammered. The sweatshirt came up with her arms, and the full glory of her tightened ass and long legs was exposed to me. She still had some tan lines from summer, and I gawked at her lower body until she turned around, showing me again her thick but slightly trimmed public hair. I love you so much." My hands seemed to work with a mind of their own, rubbing her back at first, then sliding down, beneath her sweatshirt, to palm and squeeze her curvy ass cheeks. Only sagging slightly, they were dusted along the tops with many sun-born freckles, which only made them more desirable. I can remember when I breast-fed you, how much pleasure it gave me... The sound Aunty made drove me on, and I finally rested my head on her and took the fat nipple in my mouth, sucking softly. Both of us were trembling, and it added to the emotion of the Auntyent.Fortunately, Aunty didn't come home from work until a half-hour later; or else I would have had a tough time explaining all my time in the john.But my lifelong infatuation with my Aunty had begun. Sudha was somewhat pulpy, around her mid-thirties, with a nice dark tan and long black hair. Her huge melons were nearly bursting from her straining loose upper cut of her gown, and they shined with the tanning oil slathered all over them.

The light from the TV reflected off of the wet vibrator when she pulled it out of her pussy. "It wasn't long after your father divorced me, and we were so short on money. I wanted to say so many things, but they wouldn't come out. "You're the most perfect man I've ever known," she said, her breath tickling in my ear, driving me wild. This was my Aunty, my AUNTY, hot, naked, aroused beyond belief, giving me the blowjob of a lifetime.She was sitting back against her pillows, wearing a grey sweatshirt, but her sweatpants were down at her ankles. I'll bet you didn't know that I posed for some magazines when you were eleven? She opened the box and right on top was a skin mag I had many recent issues of, but I saw the date was over ten years ago. But Aunty put her hands on mine, and shook her head.I could hear and see a thin white vibrator in her right hand, and I watched awe-struck as she pressed it through her thick bush onto her clit, then down and through her pussy lips. Not to mention Aunty was on the cover in a very seductive pose, with her incredible breasts pushed together... "Kashif, let Aunty take care of that." Then she pushed me back softly until I was only propped up on my elbows. I threw back my head and yelled from the sensations slamming my brain from my Aunty's sucking.I decided to take a year of before going to college. It was a fall night when the first event happened that changed my relationship with Aunty.It was pretty late, maybe 3 am , when I went into the kitchen to get a drink. In the other direction down the hall, I saw the light still on in Aunty's room. They're up in the bedroom closet..." "I leaped up from my bed, then thought better and slowed down a bit.I dreamed of fucking her even more than the girls at school, the cute teachers at school, even the hottest models or porn queens.