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Arrow season 3 ep 22 online dating

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It was great to see Tatsu decked out in full Katana gear for the first time.

Their slick swordplay was easily the most dynamic moment of the week.

This reunion had a nicely tragic, doomed quality to it, as it was obvious the two were never going to get their chance to run away together.

At this point the only purpose these scenes serve is in establishing how/why Ollie winds up on the island again. Arrow robbed itself of some of its own drama this week by immediately shedding light on Ollie's state of mind and loyalties.

Throwing the Atom into the mix was a welcome touch, as his aerial dogfight offset all the vigilante-on-ninja action nicely.

The centerpiece of this fight, however, was the duel between Maseo and Tatsu.

), but it allowed all of our heroes to get in some solid ass-kicking.

Merlyn reminded us he’s still a force to be reckoned with, while Laurel showcased her slowly improving skills.