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So for example, if you have a 00 credit card and you owe 0 on it (a 50% ratio), then if you increase the balance to 00, your ratio is now a preferred 25%!
One such community is the Giraavaru people descended from ancient Tamils.

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In 1320, after a number of earlier unsuccessful attempts by regional rulers at uniting the Polish dukedoms, Władysław I consolidated his power, took the throne and became the first king of a reunified Poland.His son, Casimir III (reigned 1333–70), has a reputation as one of the greatest Polish kings, and gained wide recognition for improving the country's infrastructure.Historians have postulated that throughout Late Antiquity, many distinct ethnic groups populated the regions of what is now Poland.The ethnicity and linguistic affiliation of these groups have been hotly debated; the time and route of the original settlement of Slavic peoples in these regions lacks written records and can only be defined as fragmented.Casimir III the Great is the only Polish king to receive the title of Great.He built extensively during his reign, and reformed the Polish army along with the country's civil and criminal laws, 1333–70.

Poland began to form into a recognizable unitary and territorial entity around the middle of the 10th century under the Piast dynasty.

The Black Death, a plague that ravaged Europe from 1347 to 1351 did not significantly affect Poland, and the country was spared from a major outbreak of the disease.

The Jagiellon dynasty spanned the late Middle Ages and early Modern Era of Polish history.

In 1109, Prince Bolesław III Wrymouth defeated the King of Germany Henry V at the Battle of Hundsfeld, stopping the German march into Poland.

The significance of the event was documented by Gallus Anonymus in his 1118 chronicle.